About Me (Dewey Decimator)

I’m a recovered hoarder.  My mother is still a hoarder.  I grew up learning the arts of procrastination, clutter, denial, and phobias.  Through a tremendous amount of time and effort, I’ve changed my behaviors.  Now I am quite organized and maintain a nice home I am proud of.  I can even have visitors, and they can look in every room!  Our garages even have cars in them!  I set up this site to be a community resource to help people deal positively with hoarding issues (whether their own, or family, friends, or neighbors).  Perhaps one day my mother will be a recovered hoarder, too.

One thought on “About Me (Dewey Decimator)

  1. Hey Dewey, I’m a producer for CBC Radio up in Canada. I’m working on a show about what people gain when they let go of their stuff. I’d love to talk to you about how you got over your hoarding. Please e-mail your phone number to me at kaj.hasselriis@cbc.ca and I’ll give you a call. (Or else please call me at 204-788-3125.) Thanks a lot!