Hoarders & Hoarding: Buried Alive TV Show Reviews

I’m a happy Amazon Prime member.  The fact that free 2 day shipping on gajillions of items hasn’t bankrupted me nor turned my house into a Super Hoard is another testament of how much progress I’ve made on the hoarding and shopping patterns I was taught as a child and fought as an adult.

One of the coolest new features of Amazon Prime is Amazon Instant Video.  What started as a shipping club has turned into a free video streaming service as well.  This service has several seasons of Hoarders, Hoarding:  Buried Alive, and Confessions:  Animal Hoarding for Prime members.  I think I’ve watched them all.  When I started watching them over a year ago, I still had some areas of my home with minor hoards, such as the basement shop area and my top dresser drawer.  Watching Hoarders and seeing the exaggerated effects of procrastination and OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) hoarding issues motivated me to finish sorting and organizing my own home.

Hoarders shows on Amazon Prime for free streaming.

Hoarders shows on Amazon Prime for free streaming.

While I found watching Hoarders to be therapeutic, it may not be so for someone still in the stages of denial and active hoarding.  In fact, I know my mother would simply say “I’m not that bad, and therefore don’t need to do anything.”  But for mild hoarders, family of hoarders, or interested people who want to see the destructive, unhealthy effects of serious hoarding, these TV shows are strong medicine.  It’s nice that each involves a psychologist or psychiatrist, along with the compassionate clean-up crews.

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